Escapism to Amore Fati
Medium: 3D doodle pen & filament

This collection was inspired a series of incidences happened on one night to one group of people. A random Saturday night out with a group of friends turned out to be the explosion of all the emotions and thoughts that they have been holding back. There was a bit of drama, a bit of trauma, some hilarious adventures and also some unfortunate events.

After the peace returned to the group, I decided to interview all the people involved to map out what exactly happened that night. The interviews were rather a collective confrontation and reaction on all the inplusive decisions that we made as a group than an actual interview, and a lot of information from different angles were provided to me. Therefore, this collection was produced as a push to further confrontation and reflection, to ease the feelings, symbolize the experience and commodify the aftermath. Forms were drawn from all these interviews and feelings were conceptualized. Finally, this free-handed "drawn" collection is released.

Wish the most rollercoaster, absurd, bipolar night of my life stay in the form of art forever.

   Directed & edited by Nicola Rios
   Produced by Maya Marzuki & Anahita Andrian
   Super 8 film by Sterling Smith
   Vhs footage by Nicola Rios
   Lighting by Steven Zambon

           Designs by Sia Fang   
           Photo by Ashley Zhang            MUA by Courtney Min   
           Modeled by  
           Maya Marzuki
           Anahita Andrian
           Alisa Wang
           Harrison Yu 
           Venue by La Noxe