Madame Rouge, 2023 Advertising for the event Madame Rouge - Including Eventbrite Banner, Instagram Story Posters, Cocktail Menus, Window Decals and Standee Design.

Aura Digital NFT Limited Edition, SH:ИY, 2022 NFT Marketing Byproduct Design - Design of the bonus location stamps of the NFT colelction SH:ИY that every customer will receive automatically after collecting all NFTs under one category.

Halloween by Asger Poulsen & Sia Fang, 2022
Party Invitation Design 

For Manilla, 2020 NGO Poster - Artistic Visuals as an Advocacy for environmental protection of the Fillipino Capital, Manilla.

Belleville, Paris, 2020
Cultural Poster - Visual Representation of the neighborhood Belleville in Paris for culture and tourism advertising.

Seville, Spain, 2018
Cultural Poster - Papercut Artwork of the city Seville in Spain as a travel advertising.