Disguise in Nature  
Material: Resin, beads, organza, taffeta

My inspiration comes from my observation of the people in my world. For this project, I am studying some of the most complicated individuals I have come across in my life. These individuals celebrate one thing in common, charisma that is born in danger. They celebrate duality that they are blunt in tenderness and tough in fragility. The mysteries in these humans are so intriguing, so I got inspired to refer to a series of plants and animals that mimic the shapes and texture of the unharmful but hide their edge in disguise. I borrow some of their characteristics to create this new layer of “skin” covering the flesh that grows in and out of the human skeletons. The species I studied and the creatures I created share one thing in common—the physical appeal, and the charisma. These beings would pull you close, and let you indulge in their charm, make you obsess and fall until you are all in and all stuck that it is too late to get away.

In order to reinforce the disguise, the design is contrasted with unremarkable, plain materials. I would like the experience to start from the easiness and openness of the pastel-colored shiny textured resin, then slowly reveal the edge by the skeleton-nature-inspired shape, transitioning into the suspicious, judgmental, and questioning side of these creatures and turning the audiences around them. The piece will be presented as a wearable sculpture without any indication of the human form to really emphasize the necessary distance from these creatures while hinting at a splash of inevitable desire and intimacy from other human contact.


   Laurel Fang @laurel_umum
   Emma Kanne @bemmakanne
   Tara Malika Nouri @000malika000
   Cris Qiyu Wang @onlyonecris
   Abel Chua @ablechua

   Design and Creative Direction by Sia Fang @whereissiafang
   Design Assisted by Rachel Jin & Isabelle Yu @rjinjiayi &
   Photo by Honglin Cai @vcai_photo
   Photo Assisted by Ophelia Chen @ophelia_610
   Photo Production Assisted by Zackery Yao @zackeryyao
   Production Design by Maya Marzuki Peters @nastymarzuki
   Art Assisted by Ingrid Zhang & Sarah Whittum @ingrid_z09
   Lighting Assisted by Lachlan McClellan & Donovan Kidd
   @lach531 & @therealdonovankidd

   Makeup by Wakana Ichikawa @wakana1107
   Hair by Kimberly Xu @kimnberly_xixi
   Logistics Assistance by Ali Boukind@aliboukind
   Director & Production Design: Maya Marzuki Peters
   Cinematography & Lighting: Donovan Kidd 
   @therealdonovankidd & Lachlan McClellan @lach531
   1st AC: Lamar Mack @ljm.was.here
   Art assist: Ingrid Zhang @ingrid_z09 & Sarah               
   Editor: Nicola Rios @nicola.rios
   Sound composer: RoarkMcClella @roarkmclellan
   Colour: Nacho Aveillé @nachoaveille