Arena 000, 2024
Fragments of Jun Porcelain, Resin Courtesy of Da Song Royal Porcelain. Recycling defective scrapped fragments in the production process of Jun Porcelain and repurposing. The perfection is always found in imperfection.

Arena 001, 2024
Medium: Fragments of Jun Porcelain, Resin

Disguise in Nature, 2023
Resin, Beads, Pigment

Osmosis, 2023

Resin, Olivia Organza, Beads This project explores subtle movement through a combination of fabric, 3D printing, and beading. Fabric symbolizes fluid perspectives, 3D printed abstract arms with vessels represent the evolving landscape of subtle movements, and intricate beading signifies individual voices and their extended effects. The overall composition forms a rich tapestry of textures, colors, and patterns, reflecting societal conformity and the collective surrender of independence in thought on this subject.

Disguise in Nature, 2023
Resin, Beads
This Installation comes from the Wearable Sculptural collection Disguise in Nature. It is a solumnn sculpture composition that symbolize and memorialize the duality of humanity from the group of people I studied for this project.
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Imaginary Chair, 2020
Cardboard Paper

Tabac Vins Marche, 2019
Recycled wine bottles, emptied cigarette boxes, photoshoped label prints.
Read the labels of cigerrate boxes and wine bottles.

Environmental Map, 2019
Vinyl, Photograph.
Motion Graphic - Capture the atmosphere of Nicola's everydaylife in Paris.

Obsessorize, 2018
Acrylic, Playing Cards
This pair of heels made of playign cards was for the Obcessorize Exhibition with Marie Claire on Madison Avenue.

Saturday Night at Ellen's , 2018
Recycled Medical Pills, Toilet, Paper Posters, Spray Paint, Cardboard
This installation was a recreation of our favorite trashy bar during adolescence. I used an abandoned toilet that I found near my boarding school as the center piece and duplicated the grafitti interior of the bathrool at Ellen's with two huge cardboards, and re-decorated and repainted all these cardboards into those bathroom walls that every visitor will write some random words on. To add my personalized retouch to this space, I recycled over 300 medical pills from the students in my school as a textural retouch. The key idea behind this installation was to resemble the indulgences and chaos that only the adolescents could afford and celebrate, in memorial of that period of our life as a collective in the boarding school, and also to hint on the drug abuse issue existed among the kids.

The Death of Fashion , 2018
Recycled Fabric, Cardboard Box
This installation mimics a real-life size coffin with recycled Cardboard Box and Fabric to question the neccesarity of having Fashion existing in any average person's everday life and the amount of fabric spent in making fashion happen. 

A Day in Our Life, 2018
Recycled Newspaper, Cardboard
For this installation, I captured photos of a diverse group of people I came across in my life walking and carved the shapes out on cardboards to resemble clock dials. I also collected Newspapers from all over the world and transferred them according to the responsive time zone on the cardboard base in order to create a personalized measurement of time.