Individual Apparel Design Projects

The Shirt Project, 2021
Medium: Cotton Poplin

The Papier, 2019
Medium: Laser Cut of Non-flammable recycled paper from PROCÉDÉS CHÉNEL INTERNATIONAL

The De___ of Uyghurs, 2019
Medium: Embroidered Felt
This collection was inspired by my personal visit to Kashgar in 2017, the capital of the south of Xingjiang, where over 90 percent of the population is Uyghur muslim, following by incidence of re-education camp enforced by the CCP to deculturalize and deregionalize the region. 

Medium: Toile
This project features a zero waste pattern inspired by the Mule saddle pattern discovered in a secluded Chinese village. Mules, the hybrid offspring of horses and donkeys, embody both donkey endurance and horse athleticism. Despite their historical significance in transportation, mules often lack recognition compared to horses. In Yuhu village near the China-Myanmar border, I encountered the Naxi people who highly value their mules, treating them with esteem. The mules, mistaken as horses, roam freely, guided by instincts in a unique partnership with the villagers, showcasing a harmonious coexistence.

Fashion Print

Disguise in Nature, 2023
Medium: Ink, Chinese Water Color, Photoshop, Taffeta, Organza
Design fashion print for the three skirts and one top in the collection with color ink drawings that transformed into patterns digitally. Fitted and adjusted pattern in Clo3D. Prints on Olivia Organza and Taffeta.VIEW FINAL GARMENT︎︎︎

Christmas Print Design for Home & Living shop Festive La Vo, 2023

The Restless Harem, 2021

Medium: Ink, Water Color, Adobe Illustraror, Silk Satin
Design repeat print for the coat and the skirt in the project. Drafted the print in Water Color with Ink and re-illustrated in Adobe AI.Printed on Silk Satin.

Pajamas Design for Spa Retreat, Rainin Hotel Shanghai, 2021

Pillow Case Print Design, 2020

Hand-Drawn Floral Print Scarf Design, 2018

Other Textile Samples